Tuition Assistance

Fort Carson

Tuition Assistance

Beginning in Fall 2023, Active Duty Service Members using Military Tuition Assistance (TA) are eligible for the Active Duty Tuition Assistance Grant. 
  • This grant bridges the gap between UCCS tuition, fees and required materials (through TAAP), and the $250/credit hour covered by TA (excludes Colorado state tuition assistance). 
  • There is no application required for this grant.  Those eligible will automatically receive the grant applied to their student accounts on or shortly after census date.  This grant is non-refundable.
  • This grant applies to undergraduate degree-seeking students receiving in state tuition rates only and does not apply to courses not approved for TA.
  • Students must apply for and authorize College Opportunity Fund (COF) to be eligible for grant.
  • Students must work with their base/post Education Center to request Tuition Assistance.
  • Students must submit a Sponsor Billing Request through their student portal in order to utilize their Tuition Assistance.
For more information, please contact the UCCS office in the Fort Carson Education Center at 719-526-8066 or email
Active Duty Service Members are required to complete a Tuition Assistance Briefing prior to using tuition assistance.  Please contact your Education Center.
Please note that all TA requests MUST be approved before the class start date.


Army Tuition Assistance Instructions

1.  If you are not a current student, apply to UCCS.

2.  Set up your ArmyIgnitED 2.0 Account:

  • Go To
  • Insert CAC card and then Click on Login.
  • It will ask for your PIN, enter it and then Login.
  • This brings you to your Dashboard with menu selections on the left side.

3. Set up your Educational Goal

  • Click on "Educational Goal"
  • Select your goal type: Bachelor's or Master's Degree.
  • Select your Academic Institution:  University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
  • Select a Degree Program--this should match what you selected on your UCCS application.
  • Check the box that says "No Degree Plan File" and Next (you will upload an Evaluated Degree plan later)
  • Select Semester Hours and Next
  • Review and Submit.  Once approved or disapproved, you will receive a message in your student message section of this portal.  Contact the Education Center at 719-526-2124 if you have questions.

4.  Virtual Briefing and TA User Agreement:

  • You must complete the Virtual Briefing and accept the TA user agreement annually--this covers TA regulations and should be read carefully.
  • Face to Face TA Briefings and open lab hours to assist with ArmyIgnitED are offered by the Fort Carson Education Center, call 719-526-2124 for details.

5.  Creating a TAR (Tuition Assistance Request):

  • You will need your Detailed Student Schedule with start and end dates (print out or screen shot).
  • From your dashboard select "Apply for Funding".
  • Verify contact information and update as needed.
  • Read the User Agreement and select "I Agree Continue"
  • Confirm that University of Colorado Colorado Springs is selected.
  • Enter your Student Number and then Next.
  • Look at your class schedule and identify the start and end dates Select the matching term by dates and Next.
  • Select your course by subject and course number (i.e. CHEM 1401)
  • Verify: Code = CHEM 1401 (ex), Title - Intro to Chemistry, Level - Undergraduate, Location = either Online or Campus, Credit Hours - (see your schedule) and Credit Type = SH.
  • Cost per class--Resident rate with COF either campus or Online.
  • You will see a confirmation page "Tuition Assistance Request Application: Application Submitted".  
  • Do not submit multiple classes on the same TAR.  Repeat steps above for each class. Classes with multiple start dates cannot be entered on the same TAR due to a system issue.  Creating individual TARs for each class will allow for different parts of term and prevent having to resubmit all classes if one needs to be cancelled.
  • Tuition Assistance will be posted to your student account after the drop date for each course.  If you drop a class by the drop date, we will reject that TA during the invoicing process. 


STEP 3: Select Classes to Add
STEP 5: Review Account Information
STEP 7: Upload Your Approved TA Request to UCCS

Further questions? Contact us at 719-526-8066 or at