Deployment: Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard


Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard

Military students who have the potential to participate in military activities including training and deployment should consult with faculty prior to registration for a course, but no later than the end of the first week of classes, to determine the class attendance policy. At this time, the student should provide the instructor with a schedule of planned absences, preferably signed by the student's commander, in order to allow the instructor to evaluate and advise the student on the possible impact of the absences.

In this case, faculty will consider absences due to participation in verified military activities to be excused absences, on par with those due to other unavoidable circumstances such as illness. The faculty will judge the validity of student absences from class and may require documentation for excused absences. For classes requiring mandatory attendance incompatible with the number of planned absences, students will be advised to register, if possible, during a semester in which they will not be participating in these activities.

As with any academic issue, students may exercise their right to appeal adverse attendance decisions. Should the faculty member and student be unable to agree on appropriate accommodation under this policy, either party shall have the right to request mediation from (in order) the department chair, the academic dean, and the vice chancellor for academic affairs.

If You Are Deployed Before Census Date
If You Are Deployed After Census Date