GPS 3010: Transitions Seminar

Gateway Program

GPS 3010: Transitions Seminar

Gateway Program Seminar (GPS) is waived for military students who have achieved the rank of E-5 or higher.  To receive this waiver, please submit your military training transcript to Veteran and Military Affairs through our Military Transfer Credit Evaluation process.  You may still take a GPS course as elective credit, even if it has been waived.  We encourage our military and veterans who have or will transition from the military to college to take GPS 3010: Transitions Seminar, below.

Specifically designed for transfer and non-traditional students, this course helps students integrate into the UCCS campus community; refine speaking, writing, and technology skills through project-based learning; cultivate critical research competence; and explore academic and career options. Each semester a topic is investigated according to three broad academic perspectives. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Gateway Experience.  The goals of the Transition Seminar is for veteran and military students to focus on:  

  1. How the disciplines connect and overlap, while still having their own perspectives
  2. How to think critically and creatively at the level required of a university student
  3. How to navigate campus technology and online databases, cultivate research skills, and locate campus resources that will help you succeed
  4. How to pick a career that fits your personal skills
  5. How to effectively job search
  6. How to refine your reading, writing, presenting, and listening skills
  7. How to be a responsible, academically professional university student with the necessary civic, ethical, and social competencies

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