SVO Objectives


SVO Objectives


The purpose of the UCCS Student Veteran Organization (SVO) shall be to increase awareness and understanding of veterans issues on campus, in the local community, and nationally. Additionally, the SVO seeks to promote success of UCCS student veterans through service, leadership, and scholarship. The organization intends to assist veterans in making successful transitions from military to college life by creating a social and professional support network, educating veterans on the benefits they are entitled, and providing a welcoming atmosphere on campus.


  1. To promote and pursue the legislative goals the national SVA is pursuing. This would include lobbying for veterans' rights and privileges, both nationally and locally.
  2. To promote and build the spirit of community among UCCS veterans.
  3. To provide transition support for current, incoming, and prospective veteran students.
  4. To provide the veteran community a voice on campus with both the student government and university administration.
  5. To provide opportunities for student veterans to network in support of internships, post-graduation employment, and graduate school opportunities.
  6. To promote and conduct service and outreach events and activities on and off campus, and to promote partnerships with veteran organizations in the local community.